Pachyderm Resources

This page contains information for Pachyderm authors, including downloadable templates and guides, a link to the Pachyderm Frame Editor (beta version), and more.

Pachyderm Services Problem Report

If you have an account on one of the NMC’s hosted Pachyderm services, please use our problem report form to let us know how Pachyderm is misbehaving – this will give us all the information needed to respond.

Pachyderm User Manuals

Ready to get started? Download the Pachyderm User Manual, a comprehensive guide to authoring in Pachyderm. As you plan your presentations, try the Template Workbook: printable, full-sheet template blanks to help you map out your screens.

Pachyderm Email Lists

Several email lists exist for Pachyderm users. If you are interested in any of these, you may self-subscribe by sending a blank email to the address next to the list(s) that interest you.

Custom Frame Editor (BETA)

Put your own brand on your presentations! Change the color of the background frame, add text, graphics, and links, and create your own custom frame. The beta version of the Pachyderm Frame Editing Tool is available for you to try.

Or make your own frame in Photoshop and add it yourself. This method allows you more freedom than the Frame Editor. If you know how to use Photoshop, this method is for you. Please read the instructions below and then download the root_border file.